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Facts on Botulinumtoxin

Duration of treatment:from 20 minutes
Anesthesia:numbing cream
Result visible:after 7 days
Follow-up treatment:after 7 days
Wrinkle regions:forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, masseter muscles
Social ability:immediately
Costs:from 330 euros + VAT (cost correction after 7 days included)

Botox is injected into the face muscles in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The dose is of considerable importance.

The desired relaxation of the muscles will be evident within just 2 days of the injection. Your face will appear more relaxed, but not excessively. The relaxation of the muscles will cause the overlying skin to no longer be strained, resulting in the disappearance of wrinkles.
Botox is especially successful at targeting the frown lines on your forehead. Years of stress and concentration lead to the strengthening of the muscles between your eyebrows, which in turn cause deep wrinkles to appear on the forehead, ridding your face of its former youthfulness. Even if the face is relaxed, the wrinkles are still visible and can therefore make the face appear sorrowful, stressed or angry.

Upon the relaxation of these muscles, you will feel instantly more relaxed.

Your whole face will appear stress-free and instantly more approachable.

The use of Botox is ideal for removing wrinkles on the forehead and also around the eye area; the so-called crow’s feet.


Like all of our treatments, Botox injections are carried out at our clinic here in Munich, on Cuvilliésstraße.


Botox injections are performed without the use of anaesthesia, but can however be carried out under sedation. In this case, you would be required to not drive any vehicle after the operation. If however you are receiving another operation from us under general anaesthesia, your Botox injections can accompany this procedure whilst you are still anaesthetised.


You will be required to not lie down for up to three hours after the treatment. Aside from this, you can resume normal activities.

In the following two weeks after the injections, additional top-up injections will be optional.


Dr. med. Sven Dannemann

Specialist in Oral and
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