Tightening of the upper eyelids

Dr. med. Sven Dannemann, MD, DDS, DMD
Specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery

Specialist in aesthetic facial corrections

Detailed consultation & precise planning of the upper eyelid lift for optimal results

Gentle treatment techniques

Facts on Tightening of the upper eyelids

Duration of treatment:90 minutes
Anesthesia:local anesthesia, twilight sleep, general anesthesia
Follow-up treatment:wound checks after 1 and 3 days
Thread pull:after 5 days
Social ability:after 1-2 weeks
Costs:from 3.500 euros + VAT (general anesthesia plus 600 euros)

Our procedure of tightening the upper eyelids is a minor, non-invasive operation which produces maximum results. Not only will you notice the difference around the eye area, but your whole face will also appear rejuvenated; looking fresher and younger.

This procedure involves removing excessive skin from the upper eyelid area, by making a slight, gentle incision to the fold at the top of your eyelid.
A facelift and the tightening of the upper and lower eyelids can all be carried out during the same operation.


Like all of our surgical operations, the tightening of your upper eyelids will be carried out at our clinic here in Munich, on Cuvilliésstraße.


The tightening of your upper eyelids can be done under local anaesthesia, half sleep (premedication/sedation) or under general anaesthesia.

Post Operation

Generally, this operation is well tolerated.

After the operation you will receive cool compresses from us to aid the healing process.

For your convenience, we are not only contactable during our clinic’s open hours, but are also reachable on the go, 24 hours a day.

Your stitches will be removed five days after your operation, but make-up can be worn again prior to their removal.


Dr. med. Sven Dannemann

Specialist in Oral and
Craniomaxillofacial surgery (OCMFS)

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