Wisdom Teeth

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Facts on Wisdom Teeth

Duration of treatment:from 30 minutes
Anesthesia:local anesthesia, twilight sleep, general anesthesia
Follow-up treatment:wound checks after 1 and 3 days
Thread pull:after 7 days
Social ability:after 2-7 days
Costs:from 150 euros

Problematic wisdom teeth do not always have to be removed, firstly your individual case will be assessed and your options will be discussed together with your doctor.

Due to the limited space on the jaw, often wisdom teeth do not completely grow through and sometimes they aren’t able to grow through at all. Early removal of the wisdom teeth can prevent complications. The limited space can cause them to grow crookedly, leading to difficulties such as the movement of neighbouring teeth.

The mucous membrane between the wisdom tooth and its opponent can become squashed leading to inflammation.

Even when this doesn’t occur, problems can still arise from bacteria festering under the thin mucous membrane that partially covers the half grown wisdom tooth.

Inflammation can always reappear, narrowing the airways, thus requiring an emergency operation.

Inflammation can also affect the cheeks and the jaw muscles, thus making it difficult to open and close your mouth. If such a case should arise, it would be necessary for the operation to be performed from the outside of your mouth, gaining access to the tooth inside.

Even if inflammation is not a problem in your case, the closeness of the wisdom teeth can upset the neighbouring teeth, which can also be problematic. The neighbouring molars can be subjected to caries, as a result of the proximity of the two teeth.

If the removal of your wisdom teeth is however necessary, we can assure you that we would do so using the most minimally invasive procedure.


Like the surgical operations that we offer, the removal of your wisdom teeth would be carried out at our clinic on Cuvilliésstraße, here in Munich.


The removal of your wisdom teeth can be done under local anaesthesia, half sleep (premedication/sedation) or under general anaesthesia.

Post Operation

Generally, the removal of your wisdom teeth is tolerated well.

After the operation you will receive cool compresses from us to aid the healing process. Typically, swelling in the cheeks goes down within only a few days.

For your convenience, we are not only contactable during our surgery hours, but are also reachable via mobile phone, 24 hours a day.

The stitches will be removed one week after the wisdom teeth removal.


Dr. med. Sven Dannemann

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